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I'm Jessica and I have an appetite like the blue whale.
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Asker Anonymous Asks:
So have you visited Hatched again? If you did, do update us with Hatched Part 2! Can't wait for it 8)
nummypancakes nummypancakes Said:

Not yet! Been busy with school!! Will update them soon!! :))

Hi nummypancakes, you have an adorable blog, bet you are an avid food lover. Love the simple recipes you have put up! Will try them out soon :D
nummypancakes nummypancakes Said:

Yes yes! Thank you!! I loooooove food! Love your tips on budget living too! :) stay happy!

Asker foodiebits Asks:
Hi Nummy! Do you have any interesting cafes/restaurants to recommend? Also, what good food finds can you find at hawker centers in Singapore??? I always feel that people underestimate hawker centers in Singapore since it's like, no air-con and cheap but I always loved eating at such places as compared to eating at food courts in malls and all.. it just ain't the same! :)
nummypancakes nummypancakes Said:

If you belong to the “no-cakes-and-I-will-die” kind, I will recommend Fruit Paradise, they have outlets in Orchard Central and Vivo etc. If you like pastries, try Tiong Bahru Bakery or Carpenter & Cook! 

Yes, I feel that way too! I’m always on a food hunt with my dad and hawker foods are always on the top of our lists since we love street foods/local foods.

If you’re staying in the west and are looking for supper places, I would recommend Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak! There’s also one stall in Jurong West Hawker Centre (Near Jurong West St 52) that sells really good Bak Kut Teh! But the queue can get really long sometimes! 

If you’re staying in the east, there are really nice Nasi Lemak stalls in Changi Village! If you’re a chocolate lover, you should definitely visit Chocolate Origin too!! There’s also a hawker centre in East Coast Park that serves really good BBQ food! 

Hope this helps!! Cheers :>